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I am the father of a girl with a GRIN2B variant and live with my wife and a second daughter in Barcelona, Spain. I am the current president of the GRIN2B Europe Association and member of different Spanish associations for GRIN-pathologies and Neurotransmitter diseases (De Neu), respectively. I am originally from Switzerland and have lived many years in the Boston area before moving to Spain in 2008.

I am an immunologist by training and involved in biomedical research and vaccine development, working at an academic institution as well as in a biotech company that is focused on clinical testing of therapeutic interventions.

Both, my wife and I attempt to use our own research background to foster collaborations between local research groups that share their interests in GRIN variants and function. We enjoy good books and even better food, and whenever possibly, plan on travels with the entire family, to test and overcome obstacles that get sometimes into the way of living and caring for a child with special needs.

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