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The GRINscale Project:

This project arose from the need to understand the major changes that happen in patients with GRIN disorders (GRINpathologies).

The wide variety and diversity of symptoms that this group of diseases represents, shows the need for an appropriate scale that measures all the relative complex changes each particular individual may undergo when facing any kind of treatment.

For this reason, the team of Dr. Angeles Garcia Cazorla, based on their current knowledge from the L-Serine trail, has started working on the development of a GRIN specific functional scale for the whole of GRIN disorders. To validate this scale Dr. Garcia Cazorla will collaborate with doctors from Spain and with other European partners, where they would share and validate these findings.

The project has helped hired a full time Neuropediatrician for the next 3 years to collect and coordinate the data and verify potential biomarkers that could define the factors associated with response to treatment. Development of specific clinical and biological markers is essential for future clinical trials.

The GRINScale project is sponsored by the Spanish GRIN association. Over the last 2 years, the Asociación Española de GRINpatias and its members, have been able to finance up to 75% of the project through different campaigns, playing a significant role in promoting and supporting the project. If you are interested in joining this campaign or learning more about the project, please visit the website below:

Gene therapies for GRIN disorder

This project, led by Amy Ramsey, brings together NMDA receptor neuroscientists with pediatric neurologists (including Dr. A. García Cazorla, who led the Serine clinical trial for GRIN disorder) and biotech researchers who specialize in gene therapy. The goal is to test the efficacy and tolerability of gene replacement as a strategy to treat GRIN disorder.

SFARI | Gene therapies for GRIN disorder

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